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Amalgae is a non-profit, yearly production of ETSU’s Comic Book Illustration class, taught by Professor Ralph Slatton. Characters and stories are purely fictional and should not be imitated. Upon rare occasions our stories may contain strong language or themes, therefore this publication is recommended for an adult audience only. Its contents do not express the views of East Tennessee State University, or faculty. Reproduction of stories and art are strictly prohibited. All rights reserved. © Student Contributors, Summer 2011.


Not recommended for younger readers!

On a sad note, we can no longer use the name Amalgam for our publication, since it is a previously owned trademark. From this moment forward, we will be known as, Amalgae. This more appropriately reflects our mission as a tenacious, aggressive lifeform which incorporates everything within its path, finally turning into a hideous shade of green. A wise man once said that each of us has a story within, a story so poignant, so essential, that it is best told by future generations. It's too bad that man died alone, impotent, and his meaningless story devoured by an exceptionally voracious computer virus. - Ralph Slatton, aka Prof. Doom