This is a collection of writings by, students, collectors, and researchers. The content will be composed of stories, formal research papers, even abstracts, and storyboards. This is definitely a work in progress, which will accumulate over the years to come. We will begin this collection with a few stories from this summer's comic book illustration course.


  • Kevin Reaves - "Manual Labor" - 2011

    Kevin is a Jewelry graduate student who has an obsessive desire to create and integrate robots into the trappings of everyday life. Kevin brings his creation to life in this fictional story about a larger than life robot, going through his daily routine.

  • Valerie Bodell - "Clarisa's Story" - 2010

    Valerie is a graduate student in the MLS program. Here is a short synopsis about the plight of a Haitian native named, Clarisa, and her tragic existence in both life and death.



  • Brett Cook - Animated Trigger - 10/20/2011

    Welcome to the unusual world of Brett Marcus Cook, creator of "Animated Trigger," a website which extolls the virtues and vices of strange dreams, robots, mohawks, monsters, babes, goddesses, zombies, and the digestive habits of an amoral universe. "My sleep was plagued with uncomfortable dreams scraping away at my consciousness."