Manual Labor

by Kevin Reaves

Charles laid comfortably in his bed asleep calmly snoring as the sun began to rise above the horizon. It was only a matter of time before his alarm would sound and his day would begin. At approximately 8:00am Earth hours the buzzing sounds of his alarm clock sounded and Charles was awakened from his nights slumber. It was time to get up and prepare for work. Charles reached over from his bed, still on his back, and silenced the alarm. He pushed the covers from his body, sat up and put his feet on the floor. With a large stretch of his arms and a big yawn he was set to begin his morning rituals. Charles felt around the floor with his foot to find his slippers. Once out of bed he slowly walked to the bathroom to relieve himself and wash his face.


His next stop was the kitchen where he would make a pot of coffee and sit quietly and collect his thoughts and prepare for the days work that lay ahead. After his morning coffee Charles showered and brushed his grill With his morning rituals over Charles was ready for work. He was anxious to get to the office on this morning for there was a brand new assignment awaiting him and his special skill-sets. He turned out the lights, opened the door and proceeded to his vehicle.


Traffic was unusually heavy on this morning, but Charles was unfazed and remained calm as he drove to work, he always gave himself plenty of time just for these occasions. Arriving at his work place, Wreckreation Inc., he parked his car and entered the building and punched the time clock. Once seated at his desk he was approached by his boss and given instructions on his new assignment. They looked at each other and at the same moment burst out in laughter. This was going to be a great assignment! Charles's hard work had finally paid off. He was going into the field.


Charles collected himself took a deep breath and headed for the transporter room. Upon reaching the room he handed the operator an envelope with instructions on his destination. Charles stepped into the transporter and gave the operator the thumbs up signal and with the push of a button Charles was off.


With a blinding flash and a boom Charles arrived on planet earth facing a giant city off in a distance. It was time to work. Charles clinched his fists and let out a massive roar. This city was going down! Charles had little patience for tardiness, and to his liking, It only took a few minutes for the local armed forces to assemble and confront him.


Missiles and rockets bombarded Charles's hull from all sides but to no avail. It took a few moments for Charles to adjust to the speed and flight patterns of the planes and helicopters but when he did he made short work of the squadron. His next stop was the large city in the distance. Charles stomped off eager to get to work tearing down the human city. He had already noticed the largest building standing upon his arrival and had his mind set on its destruction.


Several more planes arrived as he approached the thresh hold the concrete jungle and began attacking. He shot lasers from his fingers, swatted at the planes and moved about with energy and enthusiasm. This was everything Charles ever dreamed about. He tore into the city and began to demolish all the buildings in site.


After about an hour of destruction the reason for Charles's arrival had finally appeared. The military's secret weapon X4L82 had arrived. X4L82 was a massive floating warship with a great Iron hull and an array of powerful weaponry. Charles focused his attention on the war ship and prepared for confrontation. X4L82 lured Charles out of the city and with an eerie sizzle blasted Charles in the chest with massive death ray. Charles flew backwards several hundred feet and landed on his backside. He laid on the ground looking up, thinking WOW! What a shot. Charles brushed himself off and stood back up just to be hit again. This time it cracked his chest cavity and brought him to his knees. Pain soared through his smoldering body and enraged him. He stood up, glared at X4L82 and bellowed a gut wrenching war cry. It was time for business. The ship sent out another shot but this time Charles side stepped the beam and rushed toward the air vessel. He slapped the ship in its side and sent it for a flip. Before the ship could recover he blasted it with an eye laser which blew pieces and parts off of the ship. Charles had the air vessel just where he wanted it, so he put his hands together , let out a couple of odd clanking noises and a massive hammer formed out of nowhere in his hands. With one swift swing of the hammer X4L82 was sent to the ground and flattened. Charles used one more laser blast to finish off the ship for good.


With X4L82 demolished he signaled home and was immediately transported back to headquarters. He had accomplished what he was sent to do. It was time to head home for the day and prepare for what lay ahead tomorrow.